Our Mission

At Ark Development Group we embrace integrity, quality, collaboration, innovation, execution, safety, and green technology. This is The Ark Way.


Ark Homes Construction, Inc., was founded by Ronald Brittian in 1988 and soon became the largest custom home builder in Martin County, Florida. We have completed commercial projects and custom homes throughout Southeast Florida. The remarkable designs of Ronald Brittian have won accolades and awards in publications such as Home Magazine and built a business driven by customer recommendations – over 300 homes were built without running a single advertisement. With our laser sharp focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we are the builder of choice throughout our region.

The Ark Development Group was formed in 2012 as we expanded into North Carolina with the founding of Ark Development of North Carolina, LLC. Under the leadership of Ronald Brittian, our North Carolina division is benefiting from the experience of Kevin Reese, who joined us from Charlotte where he oversaw the development of residential and commercial projects, Ronald Butler, a developer and contractor from western North Carolina with over 30 years of experience, and Alex Anderson, whose construction and development experience were shaped on the quality-obsessed sands of Bald Head Island. We have formed an all-star team ready to tackle any project.

Our Companies

  • Ark Homes Construction, Inc.
  • Ark Commercial Construction, Inc.
  • Ark Development of North Carolina, LLC

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